Sell Art

Do you have a work of art you would like to sell? Is it by an artist with an international reputation? Has the work been exhibited at an established gallery or museum? If so, ArtCycle would like to help you sell it.

Galleries focus on the primary art market and often are not interested in reselling your work. Auction houses have arbitrary criteria for the pieces they accept and even if yours passes muster, you could wait months before it is offered for sale. ArtCycle accepts art with pedigree and puts it up for sale immediately. Our website is visited by interested art collectors and we have a team of experienced art professionals working within a network of art consultants, collectors and museums–in order to sell your work of art.

Auction houses offer you a single chance, selling your piece for whatever they can get, often for much less than you expected. Don’t lose money selling at an uncertain price on one particular day. Plus, the cost of posting an item in their catalogue can run $600 or more, without any guarantee the piece will be sold. As the charges begin to pile up, you may feel like you’re the one buying, not selling!

At ArtCycle, your piece will be offered at a fair and mutually agreed upon price. There is no cost to you if we do not sell it.


Q: I want to sell an artwork. How long will it take ArtCycle to determine if they will or will not sell my piece?

A: It varies but we make every effort to inform you within 7 business days.

Q: How does ArtCycle select its inventory?

A: ArtCycle works with a selection committee comprised of collectors, curators and seasoned art professionals who ensure that buyers have access to art that is relevant in the emerging, mid-career, and established markets. Our ‘curated’ inventory offers collectors a choice of works from reputable artists, and a range of works that will appeal to a broad collectorship.

Q: What is ArtCycle’s commission structure?

A: The commission structure at ArtCycle is straightforward, fair and no-nonsense. Since the prices are fixed, there is no mystery or confusion regarding who gets how much.

ArtCycle’s approach guarantees that the consignor maximizes profits from the works they

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sell, while the collector is presented with opportunities to purchase works of a high caliber at a fair price. With our system, everyone wins. It is simple: consignors will pay a commission of 20% on sale amounts below $20,000 and 15% of the amount above $20,000.

If you are interested in consigning an artwork, please email two or more high resolution images to and include the following information:

  • Artist’s name
  • Title of artwork
  • Date of creation
  • Dimensions
  • Edition number, if applicable

Q: Do you represent artists directly?

A: As a secondary market gallery, we do not represent artists nor do we exhibit works directly from artists. ArtCycle Discovers, our competition for MFA students and recent graduates of New York City programs, is the only exception.

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