My fiancé and I have always like the work by a particular British painter/photographer. We had heard about ArtCycle through another website and when we checked it out, we found a piece we had always wanted by this artist at an extremely reasonable price. And with no buyer’s premium that the auction houses charge, it was that much more attractive. Lauren was fantastic—and we had the piece delivered to our door in a matter of days. We just got

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married and gave ourselves this piece of art—the perfect wedding gift.
Marc, New York

ArtCycle is a professional and expert contemporary fine art service. My transactions with them were not only friendly and knowledgeable, but my package arrived promptly. ArtCycle is a fine way to acquire contemporary art.
Klaus, Germany

Despite living half way across the globe, dealing with ArtCycle was an absolute pleasure. The highly efficient and friendly staff made my transaction as smooth and quick as possible; and even went out of their way to make sure it was! I’ll definitely be working with them again in the future.
Buyer, Bahrain


Curious about how we handle transactions? Read the details of an actual one. We have the testimonials from the buyer and the seller of a limited-edition Tom Wesselmann print (pictured here) that

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ArtCycle sold in 2012.

Avery W. (seller)

How did you hear about ArtCycle?

I found out about ArtCycle after Google searching “online art auctioneers.” I found materials of people critiquing different services and then I went to your website. I looked at the feedback and also the ABC News clip. Then, I contacted you.

Why did you decide to use ArtCycle over an auction house or art dealer?

The transaction costs approach 40 %, and I thought that was excessive. In this day and age, the comfort level of dealing with art online is higher than it once was and your commission is less than theirs.

How simple or complex was your transaction?

Simple! The only difficulty was that we hadn’t done business together before and the art one must be careful of fraud. But we interacted directly, I felt comfortable, and things worked out splendidly.

As someone who has worked with auction houses in the past, what value do you think ArtCycle offers in the current art market?

Personal and direct service. I’ve dealt with auction houses and it has been difficult; you were very accessible.

Would you recommend ArtCycle to someone who is selling or buying artwork?

Absolutely! The price was right. It was a successful transaction.

Lenore W. (buyer)

How did you hear about ArtCycle?

Google search. I have a list of artists who I regularly search on google. In most cases, I have certain pieces I am looking for and Wesselmann’s Big Blonde with Choker was one of them. It has been at the top of my list for about five years now.

How simple or complex was your transaction?

My transaction was extremely simple. I sent an email, asking about price, and then I asked for some pictures of signature and numbers, etc., all provided easily and timely. I was sent a quote for shipping…an invoice, and then issued a wire. When it came time to ship, they worked with my schedule to make sure it would arrive on a day I would be home to sign for the package.

How did ArtCyle save you time and/or money?

I didn’t have to talk to anyone, just emailed at my leisure. The price was significantly less than what I had been finding. So I saved quite a bit of money. I never had to go anywhere.

Would you recommend ArtCycle to someone who is selling or buying artwork? Why or why not?

Yes, because I believe they do a great job and provide information. I do not have experience selling art thru them but I would give them that opportunity if I needed or wanted to sell something.

It was just a great overall easy experience. To own a piece I have wanted for quite a while, at a very reasonable price, is amazing! I would do this over and again, as I am an avid art collector and the more deals I find, the more art I get to buy!


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