Julius Shulman

Case Study House #22, Los Angeles 1960, Pierre Koenig, Architect, 1960
Gelatin - silver print
20 x 24 inches
Signed on verso
Artist Biography:

Julius Shulman's (American 1910-2009) images of modernist Californian architecture are iconic emblems of the 20th century. His oeuvre demanded that architectural photography be considered as an independent art form, of which Shulman is the indisputable master. Shulman's photographic clarity reveals not just the architectural ideas behind a building's structure, but also captures the spirit of the era. In 1990, Shulman began to exhibit his photographs in a fine art context. Recent exhibitions have included the J. Paul Getty Museum, with upcoming shows in Munich and London. In addition to his work being widely published in architectural books, Taschen recently published a three-volume monograph of his work titled Modernism Rediscovered. In 1998, the International Center of Photography in New York awarded Shulman the Lifetime Achievement award.

About the Work:

Shulman's iconic photograph Case Study House #22 depicts two young women perched high within a glass box above the lights of Sunset Boulevard. Today, this photograph is the most famous architecture photograph in the world, a stunning vision of the now famous Koenig building. Not only does it capture the sparkling lights of the city at night, the image also encapsulates the Los Angeles of the 1960s.

Market Information:

In 2005, the J. Paul Getty Museum purchased the complete Shulman archive, 260,000 negatives, vintage and modern prints, transparencies, and related printed matter, drastically increasing the value of every Shulman work. The archive consists of Shulman's documentation of the modern architectural movement on the West Coast, including Case Study House #22, his most famous image.

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