Ernesto Pujol

Flutter (Gloster), 2001-2003
31 x 46 inches (framed)
Edition 1/5
Artist Biography:

Ernesto Pujol (Cuba, b. 1957) is a performance artist and social choreographer. His broad academic background, including studies in studio art, art history, philosophy, education, communications and media theory, informs his multimedia and interdisciplinary practice. Pujol first became known during the 1990s for a series of site-specific installation projects that dealt with collective and individual memory. Recently, his work has dealt with ecological issues, war and loss, and notions of public and private. Pujol represented the United States in the Second Johannesburg Biennial, the Second Saaremaa Biennial, Estonia, and the Sixth Havana Biennial, Cuba.

About the Work:

Flutter (Gloster) derived from Pujol’s project Silence of Songbirds (2001-2003), an installation and photography series exhibited throughout the United States, based on his study of color-fed canaries. The caged bird is a metaphor for the artist’s experience of September 11th, when he “witnessed the World Trade Center on fire, crumbling; its occupants trapped birds in a horrifically revealed golden cage.”

Market Information:

Printed in an edition of just five, this image is hard to come by on the art market. We believe this piece presents collectors with a rare opportunity to own a work by Pujol, and one that represents an important body of work.

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