Victor Rodriguez

Mirror Kiss (Beso de espejo), 1998
Acrylic on canvas
58 x 78 inches
Artist Biography:

Victor Rodriguez (Mexican, b. 1970) is considered to be the leader of the new generation of hyperrealist artists working internationally today. Rodriguez employs pictorial references from advertising to art historical sources – however his works clearly begins with a concept rather than an external reality and his large-scale paintings render an authentic account of what life is today. He has exhibited extensively internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, the Flint Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Museo de Monterrey in Mexico, in addition to his forthcoming Mid-Career Retrospective at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey MARCO. In 2002, he was awarded First Prize in the XI Rufino Tamayo Biennial, Mexico City.

About the Work:

Mirror Kiss (Beso de espejo) is a definitive work in Rodriguez's "Red Painting" series, a body of work he created in the late 1990's where he explored the medium of monochrome. In Mirror Kiss, he created an image with his recurring model kissing the mirrored image of herself with full red puckered lips. Rodriguez’s imagery is immaculate – her face and hair composed in such a hyper-realistic manner, only the red hues alert us the fact it is painting.

Market Information:

Rodriquez has been commanding force on the Latin art market for years, with international collectors waiting to purchase his work. This is a museum quality work offered at an extremely fair price by a reluctant seller. In 2004 this work was exhibited "Espejos Invertidos", at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. and at Galerie Palix in Paris, "Victor Rodriguez Les peintres Rouge", in 2000.

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