Cindy Sherman

Untitled #120, 1983
Chromagenic color print
33 x 22 inches
Edition 6/18
Sherman's signature and inscription on recto Numbered and singed on verso
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Artist Biography:

Cindy Sherman (American, b. 1954) is recognized as one of the most important and influential artists in contemporary art. She is known mostly for her photographs. For more than 30 years, Sherman has worked as her own model and captured herself in a range of guises, from Hollywood starlet to clown to aging society matron. With costumes, wigs, prosthetics, makeup and her camera, the artist humorously raises questions about representations of women in society. Sherman's work has been the subject of countless exhibitions and is collected extensively.

About the Work:

Untitled #120 is a wonderful example of Sherman's self-portraiture. By cropping her image, she fills the frame and creates for us the feeling of nearness or intimacy. Untitled #120 is included in the excellent Art Institute of Chicago collection, as well as in the prestigious Rubell Collection.

Market Information:

In 2011, one of Sherman's Untitled photographs sold for more than $3.8 million at auction. Her images continue to appreciate value and remain some of the most expensive photographs on the market. Untitled #120 is an amazing example of Sherman's oeuvre and priced well below current asking prices.

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